Operation and Maintenance

Naphtomines Contractors provides teams composed of highly skilled and qualified engineers and consultants specialized in commissioning, start up, operation and maintenances operations of oil, gas, power and mining facilities.

Our expertise is coming from our large experience of oil, gas and power engineering & operation services on numbers of projects and operations worldwide.

Our knowledgebase is built on experience feedback and on procedures. During their mission, our teams of engineers perform technical support package to the operation preparation, during the construction projects, and, after the start up of operations. They also provide transfer of experience.

Commissioning and start-up preparation
– Organization
– Systems
– Procedures
– Documentation
– Management

Site implementation
– Performance tests
– Operation and maintenance contract

Training program
– Engineering and implementation

Operation and maintenance of installation and facilities management

Asset management/maintenance of production installations
– Mainly implementation of operating manuals computerization

Maintenance engineering/organization and systems (CMMS) implementation

Asset integrity management
– Preventive maintenance planning
– Maintenance management
– Mechanical maintenance
– Instrumentation maintenance
– RBI inspection
– etc.