Oilfield Services



NaphtoMines provides engineering support to operators on the various phases of reservoir life

Our geoscience staff provides professional know-how and experience :

  • geologist
  • geophyscist
  • seismics expert
  • geochemist
  • petrophyisicist
  • reservoir engineer

Our know-how, experiences and technologies covers :

  • Exploration geology
  • Geochemistry
  • project geology and wellsite geology,
  • reservoir engineers
  • Geophysics,
  • Seismic
  • Drilling
  • Characterization,logging
  • Completions
  • Production
  • EOR
  • Well Intervention

Well drilling operations


Well drilling Operations: NaphtoMines provides drilling services contract matching exactly their project requirements, on time, with strong HSE and logistics capacities

Our staff is composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals selected to match your requirements, such as mainly:

  • Oil field services operation technician
  • Drilling/Completion/WO operation engineers
  • Drilling/Completion/WO rigmechanics, electric/instrument technicians
  • Drilling/Completion/WO supervisors,tool pushers
  • Drilling/Completion/WO logistics officers

A full technical back up (based on a Knowledge Management base) is provided from our head offices.

Our knowhow address the following engineering and operation issues:

  • Drilling/Completion logistics, procurement center, rig re-engineering
  • Well Coil Tubing, work over (WO), EOR design and preparation,EOR operations
  • Drilling/Completion rig operations, Coiled Tubing/Slickline servicing
  • Downhole drilling equipment operations, WO equipment handling, slickline operations
  • Drilling fluids, EOR  hardware and soft monitoring
  • Casing tubing running, well bore remedial operations
  • Well bore integrity and sand control while drilling or WO
  • Special drilling operations and slickline servicing skills
  • Drilling/Completion/WO management and contract administration
  • HSE management skills
  • Drilling problems/well control skills
  • Completions cases
  • Planning, QA/QC skills