Methane hydrates (MH) are the world’s largest source of untapped fossil energy. And they are widely distributed across the world.
It is abundant in low-temperature, high-pressure environments such as permafrost and layers under deep ocean floors.
Worldwide MH issues and main present strategic barriers around MH extraction: all international studies, huge amounts of surveys are showing that offshore MH extraction is facing high economic uncertainties, and loss prevention issues are showing international concerns.

NaphtoMines’ patented subsea MH drilling extraction process is coming up providing a significant ROI improvement; additionnaly, it insures that all extraction risks are under control (sea floor slippage, gas leaks) :
High competitive edge versus classical horizontal well completion used by Jogmec and other oil co, due to lower capex and opex of our drilling process. This advanced process is a built in of subsea drilling/extraction process under a bell (moved by a ballast) with a coflex flow line driving the extracted CH4 up to the surface vessel, supporting an electrical power generating unit, using classical gas turbines.