Naphtomines Contractors supports refinery projects as small as a few thousand dollars to over one billion.

On a large or small scale, Naphtomines Contractors fully understands the intricate details of refineries. Our teams have extensive experience in optimising the design, procurement, construction, commissioning, start up and maintenance of all kind of refinery facilities, including distillation, hydro-processing, fluid catalytic cracking, coking, octane enhancement, hydrogen production and sulfur removal units.

Our goal is to deliver improved HSE and quality performance on a wide range of projects. From studies to revampings, we add value:

– Market analysis
– Master-planning
– Investment planning
– Licensor selection
– Feasibility studies
– Environmental consultancy
– Due Diligence
– Front-end loading
– FEED & detailed engineering
– Process design
– Procurement
– Project & construction management
– Commissioning
– Start-up
– Debottlenecking
– Revamps
– Clean fuel modifications
– Automation & control

Our expertise and experience enable us to execute and deliver on the following types of Oil Refining projects :

– Crude Oil & Vacuum Distillation Units
– Visbreaking
– Fluidized Bed Catalytic Crackers (FCC)
– Catalytic Reforming (RCC)
– LPG recovery units
– Hydro Processing Units
– Gas Treatment and Sulfur Recovery
– Waste Water Treatment
– “Prime G” Units
– Gas Concentration Units
– Isomerization Units
– Alkylation Units
– Lube Oils & Waxes Processing
– Hydrocrackers, Mild Hydrocrackers
– Asphalt Units
– Amines Plants
– MEROX Plants