Naphtomines Contractors increases pipeline safety with inspection services, testing, cleaning, and drying. By engineering our services to suit your specific project, we deliver a more cost-effective solution.

Whether a new system is going online or an existing system needs maintenance, our range of services will help you to meet pipeline safety regulations.

Pipeline Precommissioning

Cleaning and drying your new pipeline reduces erosion, improves efficiency, maximizes throughput, and prevents hydrates from forming.


Get quality product into your pipeline safely, quickly, and efficiently. Start production immediately and reduce economic risk.

Pipeline Inspection Services

Manage your pipeline integrity threats with our 25 years of experience and superior technology. Our in-line inspection (ILI) tools meet your integrity program objectives.


Our services enable your pipelines to operate at maximum efficiency by keeping them clean. When you have to go offline, we substantially reduce downtime.

Integrated Pipeline Services

Instead of using many contractors for pipeline integrity and pipeline revalidation work, we can be your single source with these services in-house to save you time and money.

Deepwater Pipeline Solutions

Reduce vessel time and cost by performing flooding and hydrotesting operations on the seabed. With all equipment on the seabed, deck space requirements are kept to a minimum.