Field Operations


Naphtomines Contractors has all the professional skills and know-how in providing consulting services and experts (i.e. engineers) to oil and gas companies for their different onshore, ofshore or unconventional operation and development projects worldwide.

Our professional and talented engineers are creative, flexible, committed and are able to think like an operator to develop innovative solutions to today’s upstream challenges.

Our expertise, resources and global reach can make all the difference in planning, execution and management of your capital programs, assets and operations.


Naphtomines Contractors has an incredible know-how based on a long experience in the fields of geology, geophysics, geochemistry and reservoirs.

We have the following experts :
– Geologist
– Geochemist
– Geophysicist
– Petrophysicist
– Reservoir engineering

All our experts are experienced geoscience engineers in the afore mentioned areas and all have advanced technical skills and proven field experience, as well as modelling experience on :
software such as Petrel, Eclypse, Seiswork, Promax, Finder, Geoframe, SMTtools, Geoquest, Jason
various interpretation GG workstations e.g. IESX, SeisX, Winpics and mapping systems like Zmap+, Petrosys, GES and Surfer, Eclypse, interpretation with soft such as Landmark Interpretation, Geoprobe, Seisworks, Syntool,WSF, ZmapPlus, WellSeismicFussion, PostStack Pal, Knowledge of Promax …)

Exploration assessment missions :
– Geological studies: subsurface mapping and interpretation, sedimentology, stratigraphy, log/core analysis
– Exploration technologies: Gravity, EM, borehole geophysics, hyperspectral, MMI, well logging techniques …
– Geological support on site: management and follow-up, operational supervision (LWD, MWD…), tests …
– Geostatistical integration of seismic attributes with petrophysical parameters


Naphtomines Contractors provides oil and gas operating companies with project support and engineering services for construction projects.

Our services are orientated in the integration and coordination of various know- how covering the following engineering specialities and oil and gas facilities construction supervision :
– Mechanical: rotating machines, piping, vessels, pipelineCivil engineering
– QA/QC, HSE engineering/management
– Project and contract management (scheduling, progress monitoring …)


Naphtomines Contractors provides consulting engineering services to companies that operate both offshore and onshore facilities. We help our clients to identify hazards, reduce risks, and operate in a high level of safety and security for employees and the environment.

Naphtomines Contractors has developed an expertise in a wide spectrum of activities in the oil and gas industry. Meeting the strong demands of oil and gas companies and their need to rely on a trustable consulting and engineering company in the QHSE department, Naphtomines Contractors provides two different type of services:
– Highly skilled professionals
– Engineering and Consulting services offer (full packages)

Our mission is to provide our client with the QHSE skills they need in order to achieve the maximum performance and reach the highest safety standards on their operations and projects in a most responsive and cost-effective manner.

Reducing risks, accidents and developing a safe work atmosphere, resulting in the improvement of the overall productivity of rigs, as well as a significant reduction of costs inherent in the consequences of hazards and accidents on a rig. Naphtomines Contractors offers consultancy support, in the following situations:
– Implementation of QHSE systems and procedures, QHSE plan, QHSE management
– QHSE performance assessment, best practices, incident/accident reporting
– Safety coordination during field construction
– Audits, rating and inspection
– Environmental consultancy services (impact studies, wastes management…)


Naphtomines Contractors traditional inspection, expediting and technical services are designed to provide clients with a seamless solution to typical supply chain management issues. It covers drilling equipments, pipelines, process equipments (subsurface equipments, vessels, rotating machines, valves, instrum/electrical…).