Gas Processing

Naphtomines Contractors supports the full value chain of liquefied natural gas facilities, including import terminals, liquefaction plants, floating LNG vessels and regasification plants.


Gasification is a flexible, commercially proven and efficient technology, a building block for production of a range of high-value products including clean power, synthetic fuels, and chemicals, from lower value feedstocks.

Installing gasification and syngas cleaning units can reduce overall emissions of SOx, NOx, CO2, particulates, metals and chlorine and can produce useful products to maximize profitability. With continuing developments in the technology, gasification is becoming an important part of the portfolio of available processes to convert carbonaceous materials.

Gasification projects demand strong technical expertise, and the ability to integrate and optimize all of the elements of the planned facility. Our experts are backed by worldwide experience with LNG developments. They comprise a strong technical and operational team that has an extensive knowledge of LNG liquefaction and regasification, both onshore and offshore, including the integration of natural gas liquids recovery and gas pre-treatment into the design.

Naphtomines Contractors’ experts reputation for quality engineering, design, inspection, project & construction management, operations & maintenance and integrity management makes us an ideal partner for your LNG and other natural gas projects.

Our experienced professionals provide the continuity and solid support needed to ensure consistent results and provide integrated solutions, from design and operational assurance to start-up and operation of onshore and floating facilities.


Naphtomines Contractors LNG Technology and Solutions

Our comprehensive expertise working with various liquefaction and vaporisation technologies allows us to offer a wide range of technology options to meet specific client needs.

We provide new and innovative processes and services to enhance monetization of LNG assets. These technologies provide unique solutions for improving the commercial viability of LNG and help satisfy the global demand for clean burning and economical fuel sources:
– Air Vaporization
– LNG liquefaction processes
– Floating LNG (FLNG) regasification & liquefaction
– LNG recovery integrated with LNG regasification
– Horizontal LNG tanks