Technical Team

In order to perfectly meet the needs of its customers, Naphtomines has developed long-term partnerships. Partners are of two types:

Independent consultants with a very large experience in the management and the achievement of industrial projects, and with which we have been working for several years and which are regarded today as an integral part of Naphtomines.

International companies involved as partners in the sectors of complementary activities (consultants, processes, engineering, technology, manufacturers, …) which allow Naphtomines to federate high-skilled project teams and the carrying out large international projects.


Naphtomines competitive advantage relies in the combination of an outstanding in-house senior technical team with a first-class international network of partners. For our clients it means:

– Lean Management Team gathering one of the best track record in the Oil & Gas industry with minimum overhead
– Project Teams tailored to client’s requirements and composed of highly skilled professionals
– Flexible structure allowing complex contract requirements

This organization allows Naphtomines to present the capabilities and network of relations of a multinational firm allied to the reactivity and the adaptability of a startup company, and therefore, to address any kind of project whatever its size or its complexity.